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El Tiempo's music video plays with the fantasy of being able to time travel.

I have always been a big fan of this kind of science fiction films and their theories which make you wonder "what if"? The short answer, of course, is that at the moment, at least, is impossible to travel in time, not in the way we imagine anyway. There are countless theories that try to demonstrate time travel is possible, particularly when it comes to warps and other strange wonders found in the universe where time, as we know it, may not behave in the same way as on our planet thus making it possible to alter the time line. When I wrote this song I had a vision for the video which gave me a great opportunity to put this fantasy of mine into motion. I was very happy with the script and incredibly lucky to work with such a talented crew and cast that turned that vision into reality. I invite you to explore this page, dedicated to the song and video, meet the cast and you can also purchase the single straight from here as well to show your support. Please comment and share and once again, thank you for being part of this unbelievable journey.

The Video

Behind the Scenes

The Cast

Sabah Bashir


Simon Anthony

Simon A.jpg

Julia Ruiz F


Kristian Yordanov


Elizabeth Gibson

Elizabeth Gibson.jpg

Rory Keane


Mike Ukandu

Mike Ukandu.jpg

Hannah Spellman


Andrea Serrano


Victor Morales


The Crew

Executive Producer: Angélica Aguirre

Producer and scriptwriter:  Carlos Paúl Velásquez

Video Director: Jimmy Chiba

SFX: Deaf Nick Visuals

Make-Up Artist: Hannah Spellman

Behind the scenes camera: Dimi Krumov

Continuity / Script and photography assistant: Valia Mavrokefalou

Assistant Manager: Vicky Morales

Crew/car: Danny Palacio

Crew/car: Patricio Ordoñez

Special thanks to

Rocío Pinchao

Adrián Velásquez

Diego Velásquez

Gloria Gomez

Stephanie Merillat

Saul Maya

Simon Hughes

Angélica Rincón

Patricia Lopez

The Single

EL TIEMPO_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
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